Best Online Business Directories 2022

Business directories are a great way to get your business off the ground and begin earning new customers in a very short period of time. This is because backlinks from online business directories are considered to be among the most powerful types of backlinks that can be acquired.

The Business Resource Directory have had the pleasure of helping many businesses grow using our backlink services and directory submissions.

While some online directories have fallen out of favor amongst the SEO crowd, they still tend to offer a ton of value for startups and businesses that are just starting to grow their online presence. The backlinks offered from these directories don’t offer the punch that they used to but they can still help a business build local citations and that can be a pretty strong ranking factor.

Link building is the foundation of any digital marketing campaign. The Business Resource Directory mission is to help businesses grow their digital presence through the creation of quality backlinks.

You are trying to build credibility, brand awareness, and traffic. So be sure to list your business in the top 5 online directories

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What are the top 5 online directories?

  • Apple Maps Connect:
    With over 20 million iPhone users you would have to be crazy not to submit your business listing to Apple Maps.
  • Bing Places:
    While not as popular as some of the other search engines Bing has a loyal following (over 70 million visits a month) and you need to your business in front of as many eyes as possible.
  • Facebook Business:
    Boasting 2.8 billion users worldwide, Facebook can put your business in front of all sorts of potential customers.
  • Google MyBusiness:
    The gold standard in search, Google MyBusiness is a must when creating a directory profile. Bonus points for setting up a Waze listing, see below.
  • Waze:
    Great navigation platform for Android that lists local businesses that you are near. Can be really helpful when looking for a specific place or searching out something new.

High-quality directories will give you the best ROI, here are a few more that we like.

  • Yahoo: Believe it or not, people still use Yahoo for search, news, and email. 225 million of them.
  • Yelp: Managing your customer reviews is vital if you are going to succeed on Yelp. These listings are sometimes created without business owners’ consent, so do a search and claim your business.
  • Business Resources Directory: An affordable solution for businesses looking to gain positive citations, buy backlinks, and get custom articles written.

Online business directories are great traffic magnets with substance. In other words, they don’t just provide you with SEO value but they also help promote your business by providing your business listing to thousands of visitors. With the right strategy and tool, you can easily get quality backlinks to your website that will add credibility and traffic to your website. That’s why we created this directory. To give you the best chance of getting high-quality backlinks with no risk. Here are a few things you should know about this online business directory:

This online business directory is created solely for the purpose of giving companies and businesses the opportunity to get their website listed on a credible business directory that is easy to submit.