Coinbase Superbowl 2022 ad is so popular it crashes the app.

Coinbase made a serious investment into new customer acquisition with its recent Superbowl ad. Ads for the Superbowl cost around 6.5 million dollars this year.

It worked like gangbusters! A reported 20 million people attempted to visit the page in under one minute. So many in fact that it crashed the website.

Coinbase down after Superbowl 2022 ad
Coinbase down

The Coinbase ad itself was pretty weird, like the old DVD screen. The gamble paid off as it was a clever way for Coinbase to announce their new NFT (see glossary) marketplace as well as a contest that will award 10,000 new users with a free NFT.

Coinbase 2022 Superbowl Ad

Coinbase 2022 Superbowl Ad

Sure Coinbase has seen its fair share of ups and downs, hacks, and user migrations. But we are all hoping that this sees a broader adoption of cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Coinbase CEO/Founder Brian Armstrong recently sat down with NPR for an interview, and it is worth a listen.