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6055 Blackthorne Ave. Los Angeles Lakewood Ca 90712 United States Business Phone: (562) 824-8780

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Accurate installations, lnc. has 50 years of experience in warehouse storage equipment. Our company specializes in installing, dismantling, and relocating all warehouse storage equipment such as pallet rack, cantilever rack, boltless shelving, mezzanines, conveyors, etc.

Our company is licensed and insured servicing all of California as well as traveling out of state. We offer competitive pricing with high standards in the quality of our work and safety measures. We are proud of the quality service we provide to our customers and look forward to being able to accommodate your warehouse storage needs.

Call us for a quote.
(562) 824-8780


11196 Los Alamitos Blvd Orange County Los Alamitos CA 90720 United States Business Phone: +15624936899 Website: Butter & Cream Bakery website

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Destra Business Services specializes in the installation, sales, and service of cellular elevator interfaces. With copper phone lines being phased in the not to distant future, now is the perfect time to switch to cellular elevator service.

Eliminate your expensive, out-of-date elevator telephone line and replace it with our inexpensive solution. By switching to our Mobile Connect 2 elevator phone line, you can cut the cord and get rid of that expensive phone company line (also known as POTS). Installation is quick and compatible with all elevator phones!

Why should you upgrade your elevator phone line to cellular?

  • $39 per month, far less expensive than a traditional telephone landline
  • more reliable in emergency situations
  • compatible with all elevator phones
  • ADA compliant
  • helps support a better elevator experience
  • installation is quick, our DBS techs service all of Southern California
  • Lifetime warranty on our Mobile Connect 2 when service is retained through DBS*

Our Mobile Connect 2 elevator cellular solution is far more cost-effective and reliable than your current elevator phone line. On average, our customers see immediate savings of between 20 and 60% per month.

Eliminate your expensive out of date elevator telephone line and replace it with our inexpensive solution. By switching to our Mobile Connect 2 elevator cellular interface, you can cut the cord and get rid of that expensive phone company line. Installation is quick and compatible with all elevator phones!


Law Office Contact: Pauline Rosen
21515 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite 200 Torrance CA 90503 USA Business Phone: 310-373-9300 Website: Family Law Mediation

Biographical Info

Attorney Pauline Rosen is an experienced mediator committed to helping clients throughout the South Bay community and the greater Los Angeles area to resolve the dissolution of their marriage through non-adversarial ways: mediation and collaborative law, so-called “no court” divorce. Pauline provides competent, compassionate, and personalized divorce and family law services to efficiently resolve divorce disputes and other family law matters.


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We will fix your sliding doors and save you money. We offer roller replacements, track replacements, lock services, and handle replacements. Feel free to call us anytime, as our services are offered in Long Beach, California, and surrounding areas.

Our Services:

• Roller Replacement

• Track Replacement

• Lock & Handle Replacement

• Doors  On The Docks

• Cut-Downs

• Vinyl Track Replacement

I am Chris, of Golden State Sliding Door Repair. I would like to tell you about our high-quality roller repair services. Our team’s work includes roller replacements and adjustments and full sliding door tune-ups with lock and handle adjustments. Additionally, we will clean any removable debris from a door’s tracks and we vacuum as well. In many instances, a roller replacement can help with any existing locking issues. Sometimes the rollers go bad or become broken, and the door gets lower, causing the latch on the lock to miss the keep. If new parts are needed, there will be an additional charge that varies depending on the necessary parts. If you can, please answer these questions to help us decide what may be happening with your sliding door. Pictures may help if you can provide them. They may also help us diagnose your situation faster, and help us decide which parts your sliding door requires. Thank you, and we look forward to earning your business.


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Headstones And Hearses is dedicated to creating quality t-shirt designs and apparel for like-minded fans of horror, deathrock, and beatnik beach monsters. We have Socal Kustom Kulture Vampire vibrations and want a ride in your hotrod hearse!


6401 Westminster Blvd. Orange County Westminster California 92683 United States Business Phone: (714) 890-4001

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JK Electronics, Inc. specializes in providing quality electronics parts and components nationwide. With over 50 years of experience, JK Electronics, Inc. provides expert support in helping you track down the products that you are looking for.

Large electrical supply shop stocking an ample array of electrical components, tools, cables, batteries & other essentials.

Open 9 am – 5:30 pm daily.
Saturday 9 am – 5 pm
Closed Sunday


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For decades, Kaz Painting Contractors has been providing exceptional commercial painting and industrial painting services in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the surrounding areas including many areas in Northern California. We are dedicated to preserving the life of your property and assets through high-quality painting and top-of-the-line products.

Having served a wide variety of industries throughout the years, we understand that looking and performing your best is crucial for your business to stay competitive. With KAZ Commercial Painting Contractors you can accomplish that in the most effective and efficient way. From Zero VOC Paints (Low Odor Green Coatings) to the application of high-performance coatings, and from extremely durable epoxies and urethane, our highly skilled employees are ready, willing, and able to take on your most challenging painting or coatings projects.

3607 E 1st St. Los Angeles CA 90063 USA Business Phone: 310-944-0682 Website: Kinky Kontrol Screen Printing and Band Merch

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Professional screen printing and merchandise for touring bands, restaurants, other small businesses. Specializing in t-shirts, Kinky Kontrol also offers posters, pins, and more.



Sales Contact: Michael Winchester
Business Phone: 5626738880 Website: POTAR Design Drop Shop Website: POTAR Design Reverb Drop Shop

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POTAR design Sound Urchin familyPOTAR aka Michael Winchester is an experimental musician and instrument builder currently based in Los Alamitos, Ca. His current work utilizes piezo discs and small amplifiers built onto and/or attached to all manner of found objects. The goal is to create tone, sound, something aleatoric.

From POTAR’s Sound Urchins to his UFO Summoners these instruments are much visual art as they are audio instruments.

Now offering professional circuit bending services, POTAR aims to arm the studios of the world with odd sounds, pitched glitches, and blown-out beats.



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We Specialize in QuickBooks Accounting and Financial Reporting for Southern California

QB-LA pros can streamline your business accounting practices, minimize costs, and provide fast, accurate information through your QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online or other accounting software. Our experienced staff – ranging from clerical to CPAs – can work with just about any business.

Do what you can in-house, and let us do the rest.


16539 S Broadway Los Angeles Gardena Ca 90248 United States Business Phone: (310) 515-7368 Website: Website Website: Certified Film Industry Cranes

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The best in Los Angeles crane rental services! Certified Crane is now Smith Brothers Crane Rental, we have done it all, and we’re always open to new ideas. We serve the greater SoCal area, including LA, Orange County, Long Beach, and the valley. We offer the finest, most reliable crane rental service in the business for 40 years and counting. Our work spans the industry, from construction and infrastructure to film and television. Southern California’s Smith Bros. Crane Rental specializes in servicing the needs of the movie and television studios. When Los Angeles needs a crane to rent, they call on us.



Sales Contact: Michael Winchester

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About Winchester Hosting

After nearly 25 years of building websites, running web servers, and migrating customers from platform to platform, Michael Winchester decided it was time to create a better web hosting solution for the small businesses he works with. Affordable cloud hosting that doesn’t require costly upgrades. Enter Winchester Hosting.

Winchester Hosting aims to empower our customers to create engaging websites without the need to worry about complex things like SSL certificates or the number of users who can visit the website at a time. We take care of all the little stuff so you can focus on the serious stuff, your business.

Our mission is to give our customers the peace of mind that their website will be ready for use, that there will be no added fees at the end of the year, and that they can take care of their actual business while we worry about the web server, web sites, email admin, and any other hosting issues.