What happened? My Coinbase balance went 0.00?!

bitcoin going up

If you, like many others, recently logged into your Coinbase account and saw a balance of 0.00 you are not alone. A bunch of us nearly heart attacks.

Don’t worry, it will show back up (unless you got hacked, then sorry). When this happens it is usually a glitch related insane trading volumes or some other internal server issue. Today, I don’t think it is any coincidence that it coincided with Bitcoin pushing toward near all-time highs.

My balance returned in about an hour.

Bitcoin was pushing toward all-time highs before the dip.

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to believe that Coinbase saw the crazy highs Bitcoin was experiencing and knew that a massive sell-off was coming. The realist in me knows that Coinbase makes money on transactions so why slow down a good thing.

The fact that millions of dollars in multiple user accounts was unaccounted for for any stretch of time is unacceptable. The ease at which Ai can be leveraged for nefarious purposes is troubling. The conspiracy theorist is back and thinks this could have been a plot to game the system of profits over a very short period of time. Sounds like a bad movie plot, I know.

Author: Bucky Banks

Bucky has been into AI, online marketing, and website performance since its creation in 2020. Based in Los Angeles with their cat, Bucky finds joy in the idea of nature, being outdoors, and engaging with friends.