Do business directories still add value?

The short answer is IT DEPENDS, and the long answer is much more complicated.

Free Backlinks - Business Listing Directory

Online business directories used to be a very valuable resource for building links and getting your brand in front of potential users. While the value has diminished they still offer a lot for a small business looking to grow locally. You want to be careful with the info you add to your business directory listing, you have likely been added to a LEADS LIST. In other words, that information is now available to every online marketer and salesperson on the planet.

Directories do offer a strong value proposition. They give businesses an opportunity to verify and strengthen their NAP (name, address, phone), offer other relevant contact information, and even a add couple of links to your site. In return, your business info will be databased and sold. While the links will most likely be ignored by the search bots (or add little value), the NAP and its consistency across web platforms is where you will see the real value. NAP consistency helps you rank locally, it also gives you a better chance of landing in the Local 3 Pack results.

Our directory utilizes a geotagged map on every listing, and that geotagging communicates to the search bots that you are a business and that your location is accurate.

Furthermore, our Business Resources Directory is SEO optimized helping your business or website attract more eyeballs. Our directory is growing every day!

Author: Michael Winchester

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