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Golden State Sliding Door Repair

Appointments Contact: Chris Ross
Business Phone: (562) 277-8605 Website: Yelp Website: Golden State Sliding Door Repair – Long Beach
Photo of Golden State Sliding Door Repair

Biographical Info

We will fix your sliding doors and save you money. We offer roller replacements, track replacements, lock services, and handle replacements. Feel free to call us anytime, as our services are offered in Long Beach, California, and surrounding areas.

Our Services:

• Roller Replacement

• Track Replacement

• Lock & Handle Replacement

• Doors  On The Docks

• Cut-Downs

• Vinyl Track Replacement

I am Chris, of Golden State Sliding Door Repair. I would like to tell you about our high-quality roller repair services. Our team’s work includes roller replacements and adjustments and full sliding door tune-ups with lock and handle adjustments. Additionally, we will clean any removable debris from a door’s tracks and we vacuum as well. In many instances, a roller replacement can help with any existing locking issues. Sometimes the rollers go bad or become broken, and the door gets lower, causing the latch on the lock to miss the keep. If new parts are needed, there will be an additional charge that varies depending on the necessary parts. If you can, please answer these questions to help us decide what may be happening with your sliding door. Pictures may help if you can provide them. They may also help us diagnose your situation faster, and help us decide which parts your sliding door requires. Thank you, and we look forward to earning your business.

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