Finding a high rise building painter in Los Angeles?

How to find qualified high rise painter.

Finding a qualified high-rise building painter in Los Angeles can be challenging. You’ll want to find a contractor with a lot of experience painting high rises and not some contractor who will subcontract out the work to the lowest bidder. Having a high-rise painting specialist will not only ensure a quality job is done but that quality coatings and materials are used as well.

high rise building painters Los Angeles

High Rise Painters Los Angeles

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Safety is of the utmost importance when painting high rises!

Painting high-rise buildings bring with it its own set of challenges, hazards, and equipment requirements. Painting buildings 40 floors up requires skilled professional painters that have laser focus and zero fear. You will want to be sure that your chosen painting contractor either rents from a reputable equipment source or owns their own painting equipment outright. A good painting company will own all its own equipment. From ladders and scaffolding to scissor lifts and Ultra Booms, see if you can inspect the equipment before it is into use.

Aside from the hazards to the painting crew and the building itself, you also need to consider the pedestrians and traffic below the work site. The painting contractor you choose should have no less than 1 million dollars in insurance, and even more, depending on arbitrary factors like region and population.

Always ask for past commercial painting customer references.

It’s important to check references no matter what job you are hiring for, and high-rise painting is no exception. A quality painting and waterproofing vendor will have reams of positive references to show you. If your painting contractor does not have references from any past clients, you should really ask yourself, why?

We hope we helped you gain a little insight into finding a qualified high-rise painter in Los Angeles. While it is a crowded marketplace, we think that a little search engine research will point you in the right direction.

Kaz Painting Contractors, Inc.

Kaz Painting Contractors, Inc. (Kaz Painting) is a family-owned and operated commercial and industrial painting company in the greater Los Angeles area. With over 20 years of experience, Kaz Painting is a full-service painting contractor offering exterior and interior painting services to all of Southern California, Northern California, and beyond..

Kaz Painting provides services to customers such as high-rise properties, HOA management companies, commercial building owners, local government agencies, schools, hospitals, and more.

Specializing in exterior surfaces, KAZ Painting can help you determine what it is you are looking to achieve and present you with a tailor-made solution. The Kaz Painting crew works hard to achieve optimal coverage, a clean and safe workplace, and quality craftsmanship. Our training programs are designed to provide you with a well-trained staff.

Kaz Painting Contractors, Inc. is a licensed and insured commercial painting service provider that utilizes only the best products and equipment available today. Kaz Painting uses specialty paints and coatings formulated for long-lasting residential, commercial, and industrial applications.